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From 0 to 107 in Six Months


At the end of 2014 The Movement Clinic's running coaches were talking. 'Anyone could run an ultra-marathon,' they boldly declared. 'Given could technique and proper training.'


They decided to prove it.


In June 2015, six novice runners will attempt to complete 107 miles along the Cotswold way, finishing with a grueling 33-miles into Bath city centre.


Each runner has gone through the Movement Clinic's running technique workshop, is following a bespoke training plan, and meeting regularly for long runs to learn about pacing, trail running, nutrition, map reading and more.


We'll keep you updated on their progress through our blog.


At the moment we are looking for a sixth member for our team. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, get in touch now – there's no time to spare!

The Move More Team

Paul Butler, from Caversham, once ran the Reading Half Marathon with next-to-no training, ached for weeks and went back to his beloved cricket and football.


Bekki Maidment-Cameron is a Reading-based builder. A keen climber and kickboxing instructor, until recently she had an avowed hatred of running.


Katherine Wood is a photographer and editor based in Bath. She too has previously run a half-marathon but typically concentrates on her favoured sport of hockey.


Matt Greener is a plumber, also from Reading. He once fronted the indie band Morning Runner (famous for the theme to The Inbetweeners), but had never actually run more than a mile or two until recently.


Franklin Bingham, London, is a skateboarding, mountain bike fanatic who loves a challenge.

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