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Humans Run...

Birds Fly. Fish Swim.

'Thanks to you my form is great; I am relaxed, thoroughly enjoying it, and no injuries at all! I've been doing the prescribed strength exercises and I'm amazed how well they work.' – Zoltan Markella

'In September 2013 I had a major health scare and needed to look at regular exercise to transform my life. I thought running was out of the question as I had a dodgy left knee. Then I went to The Movement Clinic running workshop.

   Since then I’ve run well over 500km, lost over a Stone in weight and I’m physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than ever – running outside in the fresh air does wonders for the brain as well as the body.

   The best thing of all is that I am totally injury free. In all those kilometres I have not felt a single twinge in my knee, or any remote discomfort.

   I can't recommend this enough – great value for a life changing 90 -minute session.' 

– Matt Robinson


'Thanks to the workshop, my new running style is so much better: last week I was struggling to do 2km and a week later I'm running 6km!'  

– Bekki Maidment-Cameron

'This workshop helped me a great deal. I used to get injured all the time but after a few tweaks to my technique I'm running without injury and can run much further with ease.' – Katie Gash



Better Running: Workshops & Courses


There are three basic forms of human locomotion: walking, running and sprinting.

As far as sprinting goes, even the world's fastest man is outpaced by a squirrel. But when it comes to endurance running we are the kings and queens of the animal kingdom. 

We are all designed to walk and run vast distances, but modern environments and lifestyles play havoc with our natural running ability. Instead, we 'jog'. 


Jogging is an artificial movement pattern that WILL lead to injury.

We offer standalone workshops and 4-6 week courses for individuals and groups to improve your technique, identify biomechanical and postural issues that are causing - or may cause - injury, and improve your training and performance.


Better RunnIng Workshops

Our Better Running standalone workshop lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours. In it we take an in-depth look at the how’s and why’s of your running and coach you towards a more efficient, 'natural' stride, with less impact and reduced risk of injury. The workshop is a must if: 


• You are just starting out as a runner

• You feel you 'can't' run

• You suffer recurrent injuries, pain or discomfort

• You want a smoother, safer, more efficient technique


We have both VivoBarefoot, Drummond Education and Born To Run accredited running instructors who are active competitors at distances from 10k to Ultramarathons. More importantly we have helped create hundreds of better runners of all ages and abilities.

Better RunnIng Courses 


Our specialist 4-6 week courses are designed to improve not only your technique but your training and performance. 

The course focus can be adapted to your particular needs – whether you're a footballer or marathon runner – and is suitable both for individual athletes, groups or teams, juniors or adults.

The courses have been thoroughly road tested with Aylesbury Rugby club and numerous school running groups and triathlon clubs.

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