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Robby Elson

Personal trainer, sports massage practitioner, triathlon coach, kickboxing instructor and running technique specialist, corrective exercise specialist


Robby is a fitness and fat-loss coach who helps his clients enjoy, rather than endure, movement and exercise. He is no fan of the aggressive, 'boot-camp' style of personal training and has a proven track record for helping people not only to reach their weight loss goals, but in helping people who struggle with exercise, either through lack of motivation or through chronic pain or discomfort.


He is an ultra-runner with a reputation for ‘fixing’ runners who have struggled with injury and proving to 'non-runners' that we are all born to run. Slightly obsessed with running technique he has coached runners through their first 5k and their first 100k races.


He teaches running clubs at local primary schools and kickboxing to adults and children across the Reading area.


A Level 2 qualified Triathlon coach and a Level 1 FA football and futsal coach, he spends his weekends working with junior athletes at Thames Valley Tristars.


Robby has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology and was formerly the managing editor of a leading book publisher. He understands the pressures of juggling work, children and fitness goals.

Vicky Elson-Smith

Chartered physiotherapist, state registered, qualified 1999. 

Vicky specialises in a range of physiotherapy practices including paediatrics, palliative care, neurological rehabilitation, aquatic therapy and Pilates.


Among her many specialisms she is: 


• A Certified Rehabilitation Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist

• A Healthy Backs instructor

• Licensed practitioner of the FitBack & Bumps programme

• Baby Massage instructor


She also runs regular mixed exercise/treatment groups for athritis, Parkinsons and respiratory conditions.


As a specialist paedriatric physiotherapist she has a great reputation for the treatment and development of mobility in cerebal palsy and for other neurological issues.


A former international synchronised swimmer for Great Britain, she is now a coach with one of the country's top clubs, the Reading Royals. 


Gavin Maitland-Smith

VivoBarefoot and Born To Run Accredited Running Technique Coach

Gavin is not a full-time fitness professional, but a qualified barrister holding down a day job running a successful specialist lending business.


Having always played competitive sport to a decent level (including Varsity rugby for Oxford), he began running  marathons.  The result was compartment syndrome in both shins and a double fasciotomy operation.


He became seriously overweight and scared of running. For some reason, he thought that a 100km ultra-marathon would cure all of that. He found Robby Elson and hasn't looked back. With correct training, a focus on technique and the massage/physio skills of Vicky Elson-Smith, he completed his first ultra and promptly went on to run a second. 


Having learnt that running is a skill and that proper technique is essential, he studied with Lee Saxby (often called 'the world's greatest running coach') to become the only Born to Run Technique Coach in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


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