Corrective Exercise

Rocks of Balance

Stability, Mobility and Strength

Too often we struggle through daily life while trying to ignore aches and pains. The 'dodgy' knee, the sore hip, the stiff shoulder that stops us exercising or even getting out of bed and dressed easily.

Such chronic injuries are often caused by bad movement patterns, poor posture, muscular imbalances and a lack of strength and control in key kinetic chains.

If you find it hard to move pain-free, then our Corrective Exercise Specialists - with the possible help of a physio or massage therapist - can help. 

Our CES will assess your posture and movement patterns and, depending on your situation, you may choose to attend regular sessions with a CES or follow an exercise program in your own time, checking in with us from time to time.

Contact The Movement Clinic or call Robby direct on 07990 520389.