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1 Hour:     £45

1/2 Hour: £30




1 Hour:     £50

1/2 Hour: £35

Exercise Rehab:

1 Hour:     £45


We offer a range of deep tissue and holistic massage services to treat aches, pains and injuries or relieve stress.


Our male or female therapists can offer: 

Deep Tissue Therapy

Sports Massage

Swedish Massage

Upper-Back & Neck Massage

Injury Treatment / Rehabilitation

Strapping and Taping (Rock Tape and Kinesiology Tape)


We offer a range of physiotherapy treatments and also work closely with

The Boathouse Physiotherapy Practise in Pangbourne.


We specialise in paediatrics as well as working with the elderly and people with limiting conditions.

Exercise Rehabilitation

More often than not, the power to heal pain and injury is in your hands.

Our experts can provide bespoke, progressive rehabilitation plans that will help you regain mobility, strength and get you fighting fit again.

Chronic injuries like runner's knee and tennis elbow are a speciality.

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