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The story behind Pangbourne's new exclusive private fitness studio!

It's taken months of planning – re-fitting floors, doors and lights – but The Movement Clinic is now just about ready for business!

The Clinic is the brainchild of siblings Robby Elson and Vicky Elson-Smith. It has been made possible with the help of Gavin Maitland-Smith.

Gavin was an overweight occasional marathon runner. His long-distance attempts resulted in two operations on his lower legs. With a never-say-die attitude he decided he wanted to take on one last challenge and signed up for a 100km ultra-marathon, this time seeking out the experience of Robby Elson to guide him through.

With attention to running technique and a carefully constructed training program – including regular massage from Robby and Vicky – Gavin completed his first ultra with Robby at his side, and promptly signed up for another! He is now in training for his third and the injuries that dogged him previously have all but disappeared.

So impressed was Gavin by the coaching and care he received from Robby and Vicky, he has now qualified as a VivoBarefoot Running Coach and become a partner in the Movement Clinic with the aim of helping others keep moving towards their goals – and moving properly!

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