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Ooh, Ah, Just a Little Bit

I have a lovely client (actually, all my clients are lovely… I won't work with unlovely people) who refuses to be told how long she has to work in each exercise interval.

I’ve tried telling her. She puts her fingers in her ears and sings ‘la la la!’ And then, set over, exhausted and exasperated she’ll ask, ‘Why don’t I get any fitter?’

This lovely lady came to me, originally, to learn kickboxing. She’d tried a bit at a FitFarm, loved it and realized, very sensibly, that if she was going to keep active she’d have to be doing something she loved.

At our first training session she lasted 20 seconds before rushing for the fire exit, gasping for breath and holding back the vomit. I admit I was a little surprised. Kickboxing can be hard work, but 20 seconds?

Fast-forward a year or two. The lovely lady trains with me twice a week – one session dedicated to strength and conditioning, another to improving her kickboxing.

The strength and conditioning sessions are hard work – press ups, squats, pull ups, kettlebells… The kickboxing sessions are possibly even harder. Her warm up – following some basic mobility and activation work – is a full two minutes of kicks and punches. Her warm up. After that we start on the real work. If you think that sounds easy, come and give it a go.

Over the course of the last 18 months, I’ve simply added 10 seconds here and there to the rounds she boxes, until three-minute rounds with 60 seconds rest have become fairly normal. But as she finishes each round as exhausted as she’s always done she is ignorant of the progress she’s made.

Yet, progress she has made. Not long ago, a press up was a dream.. Three minutes kickboxing a nightmare.

But by increasing her workload by small amounts, progressing her exercises and expectations tiny bit by tiny bit, she is developing into a superb athlete.

Okay, perhaps she hasn’t yet got the body she ultimately wants – it’ll come – but her health, fitness and strength are on a completely different level than when she started.

I know this because I have to hold the pads for her every week. If there’s anyone who can throw a round kick with as much devastating power as her then, please, get in touch… I’ll manage your pro career!

Remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Nothing of value comes quickly or easily. Small changes, small gains; keep making them and they all add up.

No progress is so small to be insignificant. The road is long, our strides are short… take one step at a time. And for those who like a pithy quote:

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.’ – Robert Collier

If you want a friendly, supportive guide on your personal journey to health and fitness, get in touch. Call or email now!

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