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Wood, Bingo & PBs

We did it.

Between June 5th and June 8th, Movement Clinic coaches Gavin Maitland-Smith and Robby Elson led three previously novice runners approximately 104-miles along the length of the Cotswold Way.

It was an immense achievement by Katherine Wood, Franklin Bingham and Paul Butler. On day one they ran an 'easy' 16 miles. On day two of the event they each ran their first marathon and first ultra-marathon at the same time – 29 miles in total. Day three was 26 miles and day four was 33.

They climbed 14,000 feet of elevation. The Cotswold Way has way more hills than any of us imagined.

The runners were trained by The Movement Clinic with generous financial support from Henley's Legion Trade Finance.

Their efforts have raised over £4,500 for Great Ormond Street Hospital so far. Please make it more – you can still donate at our JustGiving page here.

We will post a full story of the run when I've stopped having nightmares about hills, marauding cows and electric fences.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below!

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